20 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout – No Equipment Needed for All Levels!

This full length, fat burning indoor cardio session doesn’t require any equipment or floor work, making it easy to do in a small space at home or in your hotel if you are traveling.

In this full length workout video, we’ll be alternating periods of higher intensity with moderate effort to help you maximize your workout time without burning out. I’ll show you both high and low impact options so you can make the moves work for you, but be sure to adjust as needed to meet your current fitness level.

Level: All

Intensity: Moderate

Equipment: None

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30 Comments on "20 Minute Fat Burning Cardio Workout – No Equipment Needed for All Levels!"

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Khadijah Ktbj

Hey Jessica ua workouts r grt…afta a long tym I found smthng I cn do nd sweat…nt jux get tired.. Cn u please post smthng focusing on weight loss…ill b so much thankful for dt…


Really love all your workout videos!Thank you Jessica! 🙂

Вера Бикреева

It was great! From sad 🙁 in the beginig of workout to joy 🙂 at the end of workout. You are the best for me Jessica! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!

Casey Smith

Thanks for all you do! Wonderful workouts!!!! Peanut is adorable. I need to lose 100 lbs. I've lost 8 already! Keep it up!!!!

Ileana Artiga

Soo happy to have found this workout and the many others. My holiday sweets are starting to show now and need to get back in shape. Thank you SO MUCH Jessica!!


So glad I bumped into your videos, I weigh 87 kg (191.80lb) and I am 5'75". It's been a long time since I've exercise and I've been searching for videos that will not bore me and I think I've finally found them. Thanks! I'll keep you updated with my weight loss.


Drenched in sweat! Great cardio!

C. L Cepeda

I love the modifications!

Vitaz Maja

great workout, thanks! I really enjoy them and feel much lighter afterwards!

Wiebke Papenfus

Great workout! Tanks Jessica.

Marielle McDonald Melling

Always love your workouts. Recommended them to a class last week! I sure felt those lunges at the end!! Thanks!

Wishful wish

Maraming salamat (thanks a lot) Jessica, I enjoyed working out with you 🤗👍

Theresa Herron

thumbs up!!!

Shani Lynne

Thank you so much, I finally found video's i can do, you are awesome


I just can't thank you enough! You just don't know.

Ariana Cl

I have a maltese and a lhasa apso chilling around too while i'm doing mine. Whenever I go to a water break, I come back and see them claiming the whole mat to themselves. I love your workouts. Pls cont making videos like this ❤❤❤

Connie Turner

Not 15 min it was 20 min at least.

Alicia Willis

What a great workout!!! Thanks so much!

abstract adjective

I did this workout after the HIIT level 2 workout and my thighs hurt so bad hahaha! Thanks Jessica, Your videos keep me active.

VANESSA Williams

great workout

Janet Ozone

Jessica, I am enjoying your great workout. Thank for this.

Cheryl Bower

even though it's March 14 feels like December with snow coming down here in the northeast…I love this workout really got me moving on this gloomy day. Thanks

Monika Frazer

Found u about 2 years ago! Still working out with you! Love your video's!

Holly Vanderhouck

I love this just was what i was looking For! ill be doing this tomorrow for sure

Hanadi Nasser

Med student with an exam in a couple of days, no time for the gym, so this was a treat!! Thank you so much!

pei liu

Thank you Jessica for making these videos. I really want to thank you. I have been following your videos during my pregnancy and your prenatal workout worked so well on me . Now, I become a mom and I need more workout with you to stay healthy! Again, thank you

Crazy Chicken

Wonderful workout Jessica, I'm dripping sweat. I think including a "tip of the day" in the workout is a great idea. Have a wonderful day and thank you for this video.

Diane Woods

I did this today after being away for a while and you are still amazing! I'm so glad I started doing it again. I love how happy and encouraging you are towards us in your videos and Peanut just adds extra happiness!

LadeeA J

I am a beginner and found your workouts to be incredibly fun yet challenging! My kids love to watch Peanut hang out. Thank you Jessica:)

Lonielle De Haven

Thank you so much Jessica for the work that you do. Your videos have changed my life. I work from home and have 2 kids. Your videos let me get in a workout even when I only have 20 min to give. I would never have the time to get to the gym. Thank you!!!