10 Best Weight Loss Transformations To Get You Motivated

From Donesha Bolden, to Rosie Mercado changing herself, here are 10 Best Weight Loss Transformations To Get You Motivated.

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#6 – Donesha Bolden
At her heaviest, Donesha weighed over 200 pounds and wore a size 24. She knew she was overweight but didn’t decide to do anything about it until after she had received a tragic phone call telling her that her 35-year-old cousin had passed away because of high blood pressure due to obesity. It was after that wake-up call that she knew she needed to change her lifestyle or perhaps share in the same fate. She started out by waking up early and running 3 miles before work, and after work, she would hit the gym again. After changing her eating habits as well, she lost 30 pounds within the first two months. She now weighs 120 pounds and uses her experience to help others shed the weight themselves. Just look at the incredible difference between Donesha’s before and after photos. She looks amazing!

#5 – Amber
This fluffy kitty you see in this photo isn’t just all fluff; it’s fat. Before Amber the cat went on a diet, she weighed 16 pounds! Since that photo, the Edinburgh cat has shed 17% of her body weight, which now makes her only 62% overweight. You can see from this progress picture that this kitty is certainly on the right track. Keep it up kitty!

#4 – Erica Lugo
Erica was pushing a size 30 when her toddler asked her to play. When she was too exhausted to play with him; she knew something had to change or else she would never be able to play with her son and only be able to wear one of those dreaded muumuus. You can see just how big she was in this picture; she could barely keep up with her kid. Erica used a fitness website called ShapeFit.com which gave her the tools to get back in shape. She started to see results three months into her new lifestyle. You can see her progress in this picture, just 15 months later. While she may look fit enough for most of us, she is still continuing down her road of fitness.

#3 – Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor decided to take a less conventional method to weight loss. However, nutritionists have warned against his methods, and you should not try them for yourself. How did this Australian man loose 115 after just one year? By only eating potatoes. Andrew began his “Spud Fit” weight loss challenge in January, at the time he looked like the left size of this transformation photo and weighed 334 pounds. He says that upon starting this diet plan, his goal wasn’t to lose weight, but rather to break his addiction to food. In order to stifle the food cravings he had in the beginning, he always told himself, “You can have whatever you want, after you eat this big plate of potatoes.” Every single time he ate the plate of potatoes, his cravings would disappear. After just a year of these crazy tactics, he now looks like the right side of progress transformation photo, weighing 220 pounds.

#2 – Pearl
This cute Jack Russel mix was found abandoned in a car park after her previous owners let her body swell to 80 pounds. She was so large that she couldn’t walk and had to be moved around with a special sheet. However, the adorable pup you see in this picture was rescued, and instead of being put down because of her size, her new caretakers decided to put her on a strict diet with lots of exercise. And it worked. The dog you saw in that picture lost half of her body weight and now weighs a healthier 44 pounds. Even though when first rescued, many of the vets that saw her believed she wouldn’t make it since her weight put her at extreme risk for a heart attack, she made it through and is now an inspiration to weight loss enthusiasts around the world. Here is a picture of her now, she looks like a happy and healthy dog.

#1 – Rosie Mercado
Gorgeous plus-size model Rosie got her “aha” weight loss moment when she weighed 410 pounds and was told by an airline employee that she would be required to purchase an additional seat. Over the course of a year and a half, the celebrity makeup artist successfully dropped her weight down to 300 pounds. Unfortunately, at that time she hit a stand still with her progress and slowly started gaining the weight back. She now weighed 320 pounds and looked like this picture here. After seeing a documentary on a gastric sleeve, she decided she would go in for the procedure herself. After the surgery, she had to learn which foods to eat, and had to watch her portions closely. After she healed from the procedure and she had been eating the right things for awhile, she had lost over 200 pounds, which then lead to other problems. She had 20 pounds of excess skin. She opted to get skin removal surgery which helped her greatly. Now, Rosie has lost a total of 240 pounds and has decreased her clothing size from a size 36 to a 12 or 14. Congrats girlie, you did it.

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