HIIT for Beginners: Walking Interval Cardio Workout, Low Impact, Fat Burning

Welcome to week one of our HIIT for Beginners Plan! (Get all the details and your suggested weekly workout schedule here: http://blog.myfitnesspal.com/4-week-hiit-plan-beginners/)

Today’s session features walking-based interval training that can easily be done in a small space at home. In our workout video below, after we warm up, we’ll alternate periods of higher intensity with active rest to help you make the most out of your workout time and build your fitness level.

I’ll show you both high- and low-impact options so you can make the moves work for you. Be sure to listen to your body throughout the sessions and feel free to modify or skip any moves that are too much for your current fitness level (I’ll also provide options throughout the routines to help you make it work for you too).

This workout can be logged as β€œCalisthenics” in your MyFitnessPal app.

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Equipment: None

Intensity: Moderate to High

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Did you try the workout? Leave a comment below and let us know how it went!

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28 Comments on "HIIT for Beginners: Walking Interval Cardio Workout, Low Impact, Fat Burning"

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Licia Phillips

Approximately how many calories are burnt?

Barbara Miklic

Love it

J Phillip

SO great !! Thank you for this…. what an awesome idea

Rose Green

how many miles are covered in this walk?

Eileen Walsh

Great workout! Peanut is adorable.

Paula C.
This was great!f Except for the title mentioning fat burning : (it is a safe workout for those who get triggered by fat shaming body shaming comments such as "burn fat! and burn those calories etc. " if you are in recovery from an eating disorder or body hatred and diet culture, I can reccomend this video for exercise if you are able to do it. Thank you Jessica for refraining from diet culture body/ fat shaming talk in this video. Would love of that in the future. Could you please remove the "fat burning" in the title? How about… Read more »

I was beginning to think I wouldn't get to see Peanut! She is so adorable. Great workout.

Karen Caldwell

Great hiit workout and great presentation.

Jaspal Sirha

I love your workouts Jessica……I look forward to my workouts everyday. They are not the normal tedious ones. Your motivational talk while doing the exercises is so good.

Melanie Brown

I started doing this workout 6 days ago and I love It!! I'm pretty much at beginner level as I've been struggling with staying consistent with my workouts for quite some time due to health reasons but this is the perfect to keep me on track and push me forward to get to my healthy weight goals! Thanks Jessica Smith!

Lisa Epstein

Jessica Smith is amazing!! All her workouts are easy to follow. Thx to her workouts, I've lost weight & inches. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Patricia Moral

I will try it tomorrow. I love your videos the only thing I would love to see is a count down bar which motivate me to keep going. But as I said I love your videos.

Andrea Schutz

Started today! Excellent video! Jessica, is there any way of getting the rest of the 4 week plan even though this was done in January? Thanks πŸ™‚

Sasha Elliott

I normally never write a review. But I'm drenched in sweats! And I finish the whole video without stopping. I usually walk with Leslie Sansone. But you're now my new favorites! Thank you for this fun workout!



Frances Wilson

wow little tough but I did it😍😍😍


People only put a thumbs down because they don't like exercise. Jessica and Peanut are a joy to work out with!!!

Faith E. Gaskin

I did the whole thing today!! This is great, and works well as an alternative when the outdoors is too hot and humid or to cold and windy.

Shellyann McCarthy

Great workout!

Kelly C

I was wondering how I should enter this workout on MyFitnessPal app. Any suggestions?


great workout!!! I actually got through the whole exercise and more. thanks a buch. you're a great motivator.

Clare Krojzl

Great way to start my day at home before getting to my desk – will be building this into my day for sure. And I need to lose quite a bit of weight! Thanks Jessica!


thank you for the workout! Its was great to do after work but kick a lot of calories! <3

Ragnhild A

I have lost so much weight after doing your program. I have had a really hard time losing weight and I am so so happy. Thank you :*

Kim Butterworth

Just found your video and tried the work out, really enjoyed it and felt great afterwards, will be trying the others, thanks so much for this I have been looking for a doable workout and these look great

Chelsea Jones

love this thank you soooo much

Tsvetelina Dimitrova



I love HIIT and I really enjoy your workout videos! Super motivating, and you really break it down so that it's easy to follow along. I get an excellent workout and I'm hooked! I also love seeing peanut, he's a bonus!!! 🐢 😊