Low Impact Beginner Cardio Workout – Cardio Workout for Beginners – Recovery Cardio

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37 Comments on "Low Impact Beginner Cardio Workout – Cardio Workout for Beginners – Recovery Cardio"

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Mary Carr
my 10 year old daughter and I have tried a lot of video workouts lately. some were called beginner but the instructor did these "show off" yoga poses that we couldn't possibly do as beginners, some just called out moves but gave no encouragement or alterate moves to stay in the routine. your work out keep us interested, offered moves we could actually do (an look forward to trying the more challenging moves as we progress), and really motivated us to come back and do it again. THANKS!!p.s. i already feel great and ready for a good day!!
Jj Jayne

not a beginner but I am struggling with back/hop pain and this gives me a low impact option for now that doesn't make me hurt at all!

Siiri Leinonen

This is my favorite low impact workout! Thank you for this! 😊

Kaileigh Clarke

Thanks for these videos. I'm 14.5 weeks post op from my achilles being severed and have just started getting back to exercising how I used to and this workout is perfect for my extremely weak leg and to start building back up again! Feels so great to be exercising again!

Melissa McGillivray

I really enjoyed this low impact workout for a recovery day. I loved how none of the moves were repeated and every move was one I enjoyed doing! Nice combination of low impact cardio + stretching. 🙂 Would definitely love it if you guys made more recovery day workouts like this!

Charlotte Rose T

This is perfect. My body is too sore to do something intense, but I want to move and be active still tomorrow. Thanks


im being doing this for a week and things getting easier day by day thanks for the cardio


by far, 1 of the BEST recovery workOuts! God Bless you Fitness Blender. I feel like all parts of the body were affected, and had a Thorough body workout, Thank you

Aiana Studio

I was trainning everyday with FitnessBlender, and i get a good resistance, i made it in like 3 months. But i left trainning for like 2 months then and i lost a lot of that resistance. This trainning is helping me to gain it again. I sweat a lot, and i get tired very quickly. That's so good, that's why i want to thank you… this time i'm not gonna give up! I love you Kelli and Daniel <3

Teresa Chavez

I really love these low impact workouts…I am no beginner but I do these when I'm sore from strength training and still want to get in a workout..thank you fitnessblender.

Vianne Rodriguez

I can honestly say that your exercises really help I love it I already lost 15 pounds thank you so much for all your videos

Jenn G

Another EXCELLENT FB workout. I love how you continue to incorporate so much arm movement throughout the workout – thank you!

Geovani Budisari

Can this exercise increase stamina (endurance)? Btw, I've tried this exercise, there was a lot of sweat 😀 But, I can't do the push up one 🙁 It felt hurt when I tried to bent my arms 🙁

Larry Grimes

Thanks for this beginner cardio/workout. My wife and I are both 63 and I've been looking for something gentle that we can do together in the mornings. This might be just the thing. I'll let you know how it goes.


I loved this workout! I try and move my body in some way for 30 minutes a day. On days it's not "a workout" I try and just walk. This is perfect for days that i need an alternative to walking. Thanks!

Rachel Miller

I LOVE this workout. I'm an intermediate beginner, and I did this one as a get-back-into-it after a couple of days skipping my workout – definitely ready for more tomorrow! I'm keeping this one in my playlist to do again at night when my body needs to move/relax after a stressful day. Thank you!

Eric Rinehart Piano

Can you do more of these easy light workouts please that are in the newer format! I love these thank you so much!

Rachel Naasz

I love this workout! It's exactly what I need when I'm done with my work in the office but not ready to face rush hour traffic. So relaxing!

Franny J

I love these low Impact Cardio workouts with cardio moves only for my days of Regeneration after HIIT stuff. Could you give us some more of these?Thank u so much, you´re amazing!!! <3

Anna Horváth

I overstrained my knee a couple of weeks ago and it has bothered me ever since, plus I caught a cold, but now I'm starting to feel a bit stronger, so I wanted to do something that is easy on the knees and suitable for this recovery time as well. This was the perfect choice (with very shallow squats)! Thanks Kelly!

Carol Taves

I found this workout a few months ago and love doing it on days I can't get to the gym! My knee issues can handle it!

Kim Cruz

Thank you for this amazing workout. I havent been active for 3 yrs and I've been struggling to start again. Found this and it revved me up. Thank you!

Lisa Edwards

THANK YOU!!!!!! Loved this workout! About 8 weeks post baby… and even though I worked out till the week she was due….I obviously had 6 wks not working out…so taking it slow first! This kept my attention and I even got a lil sweat! 🙂 xo

Jamie Neal

The girl in this video is awesome! Thanks for being so encouraging! More videos from you, please!

Yazira Ram

Workout complete after five months of doing nothing! 😉

Uneza Mohin

Amazing one…

Quéren Abreu

Very helpful! I love the fact that you make the work outs while you explain and motivate us. Thank you so much. Keep doing this amazing work, your videos are very professional and definitely make a difference in my day.

passion4porridge _

This workout is such a good one. I'd love more like this. Did this as an 'active' rest on a day I wasn't feeling too great on and it was perfect to release those exercise endorphins. Workout complete <3

Meli Gutierrez

Awesome workout, yesterday I weight trained, so my muscles are so sore, this relaxe me a lot 🙂

Sunmeet Babbar

Mam I am a beginner and I really want to continue doing such amazing workouts can you please guide me which workout am I supposed to do next?
I am eagerly waiting for your reply


Thank you for this workout! I was feeling sore after yesterday's upper body workout and I needed a recovery. I feel great now. I love how you use yoga in your routine, it feels really good afterwards.

Shi Min Chu

I really like, thank you

A Bibliophile's Dream

I worked out after so long and it feels so good!

Caleb Pangborn

You are so helpful, thanks so much!

Martha S

Just did this as my first workout after having a baby and absolutely loved it! It was gentle enough to do as postnatal exercise, yet challenging enough to feel muscles engaged and break a little sweat.


Lol. This IS my TV workout. I make a deal with myself… I can binge watch a marathon once a week or so, but I have to throw a simpler workout in their so I don't get too couch potato-y. This one's easy to do while watching it. Just stick the phone by the TV. Mute it, and go basically by memory. Might be a little ridiculous, but it makes me feel less guilty about watching 25 consecutive episodes of "chopped"


I like the cat-cow/bird-dog combo – I'm gonna call it barnyard pose. 😛 But thank you for encouraging beginners to start slowly – that was my biggest issue for a LONG time and I had no idea!