Dealing with Depression During and After Weight Loss

Dealing with Depression ———————————————————————-
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25 Comments on "Dealing with Depression During and After Weight Loss"

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FunMs Pearl

THANK you for your openness and vulnerability……This video helped me to understand that I'm not ALONE!!! Sometimes I just feel like I'm the only one who is going thru the same exact issues that you so eloquently described. You Rock In My Book lady!!!


I love your videos Kim! I am just not a commenter, but I watch your videos 💛


This is THE most helpful part for me to see. Life after the weight loss. I already have loose skin (can pull my chest up to my shoulder) and it's a different kind of insecure than I used to be. Love your honesty and I hope the videos keep coming 🙂

Monique Romano

Your videos give me inspiration girl….love them

tanika jordan

Kimonica you are the greatest, I watch your videos all the time

Carol Tennant

I love your videos, I need you here to encourage me in my weight loss journey. Keep up the great work.

sharesa smothers

You gave me some tough love during a challenge we did last year so I'm gonna give you some encouragement. You are awesome, beautiful, and strong. You inspire so many people. I have watched your videos and saw your transformation and it is wonderful. You make me laugh. I thank you for that. I'm praying for peace of mind and we will not have a spirit of fear. The devil be working BUT God is working too. 😘


Hell NO the system isn't set up to work for the masses. We cost the government too much money which takes from their pockets. So they are perfectly fine with us killing ourselves by guns…drugs and unhealthy foods. Sad but true. Blessings sis for taking control of your life to feel better about you.

Michelle Downs
I never had a problem with my weight so that’s not why I watch you and admire you. Your soul is just beautiful and your determination is unspeakable You are Beautiful and powerful and what ever decisions you make for your future will be just as great. Continue to be a beacon of strength and help for others who struggle with the same thing as you do because knowledge is powerful and your making your viewers wise in making your life so visible. This is your testimony and they are meant to be shared. I’m praying for you and that… Read more »

You are helping someone, me. Every time I fall off my journey and you post a video (any video) I get motivated to keep going. I started watching your channel in 2014 and you've done amazing for yourself. Keep up the good work! Love you Kimonica girl!


I'm here sista love! Keep posting!

Frances Mayo

Congratulations to you sweetie!!👆😃 I enjoys watching your videos for about a year now. You are such an inspiration. ❤


Girl please do not stop making videos. You have over 40k subscribers and millions of views. We are watching, loving, and learning from you sis. Listening to you speak on your anxiety is like listening to myself. I feel exactly the same way, and it has altered my life and held me back from certain life goals. Don't let it stop you!!!! We Love you. You're the best YouTuber out there.

This video is actually more helpful than you think. Number one, it shows that you are human and you experience moments of feeling overwhelmed with things in life while continuing your lifestyle change. What you described in your video really is a lot to take on. You are entitled to that. Plus, you have helped us with your positive energy so much, it is only right that you allow us to listen and to motivate you. I feel like we are all on this journey with you and want nothing but the best for you. Number two, the boyfriend issue,… Read more »

I've been watching your videos for years and I really love them! They've been super helpful… especially seeing that it's possible to stick with it permanently. I totally understand if you're ready for a life change. I'd miss your channel though 🙁

Antoinette Coleman

Professional Help Maybe ? Coming from a place of Love


I love your videos. I been watching you for a very long time. Your very inspiring! Things will work out for you.

Tammy Williams

You are the best and so inspiring love your videos they have brought me along way…you look amazing

I've been watching you for years! Please don't go! It's still helpful because I'm still on my weight loss journey. I love your videos and I would sincerely miss you. I have another channel that I posted a lot of videos on. I know the pressure of filming and editing, etc. I went down to one video a week or one every 2 weeks is better than nothing. So don't stress yourself out over YouTube. You are going through so many changes in your life seem scary but try to think of them as an adventure. I hate change too.… Read more »
Monika Storm

Please keep making videos we love u

Britany D

I enjoy all of your videos. I have only lost 20 lbs but you were one of the reasons I even thought about going to the gym. I'm wishing you the best in everything. We all love you. You are great! Sometimes it takes a small change to move forward in life. I'm wishing you all the best!

Kimillian3 Paige
Your contribution is so valuable and as you can see we all appreciate you. Your candor and transparency is needed and so refreshing; its therapeutic. In the past few years I've commented here and there and you have always made it your business to acknowledge my comments. I may be speaking for many, in that I feel like I want to keep my comments to a minimum because I don't want you overwhelmed trying to respond, with so many vying for your attention. Girl you'd be on here all day if everybody that watched commented. If you don't know, now… Read more »
LaDonna Chandler

Kimonica I love you sooo much! I've modeled much of my journey after yours. I would hate for you to stop blogging but if you never make another video, just know you have touched my life tremendously! 😘😘😘😘


Sis remeber the confidence you had when u were heavier! I admire you so much. Your helping me!!! Maby you should take a break on intimacy till you feel better and get your body where you want it. If your mate is not supportive fuck him. There are bigger things in store for you. You can do it!!!! You have done what some ppl can never do. #superwoman. I wish you peace of mind sis. Your gonna be great!

Felicia Fe

Hey girly! I'm so glad you did this video. Sometimes things get a little stressful with changes or the want for change. We just have to press thought. You are such a inspiration. Continued blessings