Lydia’s REMARKABLE Weight Loss Story! (Battling PCOS)

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41 Comments on "Lydia’s REMARKABLE Weight Loss Story! (Battling PCOS)"

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charles mosley

T h i c c

Madeliene Castillo

I really enjoy videos like this. Super inspirational! Thank you John and Lydia, love y’all! Peace from Texas Tech University

Emily Hornyak
I have PCOS and I have known since i was 12 (Im 25 now) I have struggled with my weight my whole life. I went through a lot with everything I was depressed and was very unhealthy. When i graduated with my under grad (with 2 degrees one of which was exercise science, Yes the irony is not lost upon me) i was 330 pounds and gaining. I spent the better part of a year after that at home more depressed than ever. Then I moved. It was for grad school and I met who I call my life mentor.… Read more »
Anniina :D

As a type 1 diabetic (who hasn't caused this disease to herself 🙂 ) I was so happy when you specified of what type you were talking about 🙂


damn look how buff he is. dem arms-a-poppin

The Croissant Cat

Once my weight loss journey is over, I want it to be this successful too 🙂 It is so inspiring. I love such stories. It keeps me motivated.

Cece Marquez

John you're amazing. Keep doing what you are doing!

John Obb

Since she has more testosterone can she gain muscle easier??

Sarah Haevens
I had an ultrasound when I was about 16 to check for cysts and had none so my doctor just said I don't have PCOS even though I have nearly every other symptom. I've been unable to lose weight since I was 9 and have been gaining it steadily since then. I've been debating getting tested again because I'm very in-tune with my body and I feel like there's a large chance I do have PCOS. This video has given me not just the confidence to talk to my doctor about this again, but the confidence to keep trying to… Read more »
Bullet Ploof Grass

I know you have a lot of meal videos but I'm very confused of what to eat everyday, I have cut out soda for 1 week now and been on strict water, I have been eating chicken breast with broccoli a lot too, I wanna know any other meals I can eat for breakfast and lunch, I don't wanna eat chicken all the time

Jaime Wood

Aww Lydia is so sweet. I would love for you to do another video update with her once she has reached her goals. Killing it girl! Go Lydia!

BassTrombone Rogers24

John, you need work on patience man. I understand you're trying to listen as best as possible but the interruptions and impatience are at a level 10 when is should be at a level 3. 

Other than that, great weight loss story. It's a story that everyone or most of us can relate to.
#lookhowbuffiam #errr

Jordan Shrinks

jordanshrinks needs an interview

Robert O Donnell

i am down 150lbs from 442lbs now i am 292lbs after 66 weeks will get down to 260ish what u guys thinf that ok weight for 6f'6 guy

Roland Ramirez


Dave Taylors Kiwi Garden

wow what a cool story , well done Lydia . Cool vlog John really interesting journey. Whats happened to Jean's vlog , he has disappeared lol

Perfect Crimson

She seems like a really sweet person.

Heather Murray

Love the interview. Learned something new.


I love interviews John you're awesome!


Pcos is so hard, but I've been pregnant 4 times with it! There is hope, low carb has helped a lot.


I really appreciated this video I have pcos and have an extremely hard time with myself I really loved her story it gives me so much to look forward to for my journey

Princess C

Omg!!! Rave on !!!!!

My Life As Kathy
I needed this! PCOS is something that I’ve struggled with for a while now. I honestly didn’t even know until I got married and quit taking my birth control. I had lost almost 100 lbs and then I gained it all back. I’m not going to lie, I know that it hasn’t all been the PCOS, but that has played a huge part in it. I’m the say way, I don’t have any or very many cysts, but I do grow facial hair, randomly skip my periods, and it’s been hard as hell to start back losing weight. I get… Read more »

PCOS is caused by insulin resistance and is part of metabolic syndrome. If I was her I would intermittent fast, avoid sugar and refined carbs like flour and grains. Hope that helps, check out Dr Robert Lustig -fructose 2.0 , dr. Jason Fung obesity code, dr. Adam Nally on Keto Talk.

panda xx

i need help battling pcos alone 🙁

Ms A

i am so so proud of my granddaughter Lydia…she has come a long way…i love you so much, Lyds…

Daniela Gomez

Are you going to do Vlogmas?Again?!

Alessandro D'Volta

You two thick goddesses should date 🙂 She looks like your type John!

Meghan darlin

I completely cut out sugar thank god I'm not a sweet tooth person the only sugar I get is natural from fruits but carbs on the other hand I'm addicted to those roasted plantain chips from trader joe's ill give up any meal for that lol

The X Destroyer

ObesetoBeast answer this plz.So if you think about your weight too much do you lose weight or not?

Alexius S

keep doing more of these…..

Molly Prestia

Loved this interview. More interviews whenever you can 'cause I love hearing about others transformations. 🙂


John's skin is looking extremely clear. Goof 4 him.

Jack Pot

I’m from Maryland …… east coast is the beast coast


Can you talk about gym class in highschool as an obese/fat person?

Amanda D

Start a YouTube! Love your story


Am I the only one that thinks she sounds like she's about to cry throughout the video?

Riley Grace

Love these videos!

Roland Vera

Not a fan of the interview videos

Lydia Grey

I thought I had lost my mind when I got the notification for this video

Arrietta Fowlkes

Oh my god this is my story