20 Minute Arms Workout at Home with Dumbbells – Biceps and Triceps Arm Workout for Women & Men

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29 Comments on "20 Minute Arms Workout at Home with Dumbbells – Biceps and Triceps Arm Workout for Women & Men"

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Morpheus Maximus

I notice you have full programs…but I couldn't find the prices on them? Could you help me? Thanks


if anyone subs to me i will sub to u back

nagham lvly

woohooooooooooo!!!!!!!! the 1

nagham lvly

superrrrrrrrrrrrrr as usual, miss you guys

علاء العزاوي

Hello ,Why did not you translate in to Arabic please 🙏🙏

John Miranda

just in time for my workout !! thanks coach and claudia 🙂

Aowa Deviantart

"for Women & Men"

I know wich Kozak wrote the title ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

chila lnsaaf

Yes🙌🙌🙌 a new workout👌👌💪💪💐💐🌹🌹

Sharon Munroe Theclastyle

Nice video my friend, don't forget to check out my new video, like


Those 15 second holds are killer! I'll have to work up my arms to stay the whole 15! Great workout!


Done 💪🏻💪🏻


Claudia looks stronger and more toned these days

Panda Xkills

Great f*cking video, guys!

Ahmed loran

great workout as always thanks guys




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Eleni Taliadourou

I really miss the full body workouts!!

Irma Duncan

Just love you two, I have lost 48 pounds and I am also eating right

ronnethe berry

Love, love tha exercise. Love u guys, thx so much!!!!

Matt Kozak

Editing the video was a lot of work.
I had to re due it 3 times because it didn't save. Hope you guys are stoked 😉

Sara Martin

Awesome was in need of a new arm workout! Thanks guys!


Excellent as always

Pj Swiss

gonna do this workout later today thanks! definitely gonna buy a hasfit tee as well and represent lol

Savannah Stuermer

Love upper body workout and right now I really dislike training my lower body. More upper body workouts please- specifically would love a 60 minute one. Thanks so much.

Morpheus Maximus

I can't do the diamond push up or regular push ups despite how hard I try. Is there a move I can do to replace it? Thanks

Melanie Gibson

Cool, my triceps have gotten stronger than I had realized thanks to your videos and I was able to use more weight than I thought I might be able to. I may not feel as positive about it later, LOL. I'm planning to treat myself to a HASfit tee now, which beats treating myself with calorie-ridden food or drink.


Jelly arms🏋🏿‍♀️

Joanna G-R

What size is Claudia wearing? I have similar figure.

Karen Cardamone

Great workout. I was groaning out loud at the end of each set, but my arms feel amazing (and tired). Thank you for all you do to help us be more fit!