BOOBIE-TALK & CHEST WORKOUT FOR WOMEN – my new workout guide now available!

In this video, I talk a little bit about my philosophy of chest training for women.

You usually hear that your boobs will get smaller if you train them in the gym. And while it is true that hard workouts, in the long run, can burn fat, and make your chest more compact, I think training chest from time to time is good. It’s good because you want your body strength to be balanced, right?

The full workout is listed below:

1. Push-ups 4 set x 10-15 reps
Start on your toes if you can and move over standing on your knees if it gets too heavy. This is also a really good kind of “warmup” exercise for the session!

2. Incline presses 3 set x 10-12 reps
Lower your arms and elbows to about 90 degrees and then press up the weights again. This exercise targets the upper part of the chest specifically.

3. One arm press with dumbbell 3 set x 10 reps / arm
My tip is to have your other, free, arm straight on the other side of your body (see video). In this way, it’s easier for the other arm to work in a strict and straight line of movement. A little bit less inclined to this exercise.

4. Incline flyes w. dumbbell
Great exercise for contact and really stretching out your muscles. It’s kind heavy and very stretching at the bottom of the exercise, so pick a lightweight which you can control without any problems.

5. Cable flyes 3 set x 10 reps

6. Decline push-ups 4 set x max reps
This is our finisher. We’re now targeting the under / lower part of our chest, just below the boobies. Now, just burn out all you have left, do as many reps as possible in each set.
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Katherine Jackson

Thanks for the video <3 What difference does it make when u train certain parts of chest? Btw will the boobs go away after focusing on all 3 chest part? D': (upper chest, middle, bottom i mean)

Erica Savy

I’m a new subscriber I’m loving your videos keep them up❤️ I also follow you on Instagram your such a inspiration❤️🏋🏻‍♀️ Much love from Canada 🇨🇦

Elena A.

I train chest once a week with 3 differents exercices and I didn’t lost my boobies. That’s cool to be able to contract chest 😂😅

ronja sahlen

Försöker träna det en gång i veckan minst med sprint eller spinning efteråt så jag blir slutkörd och svettig ☺️ Det är då endorfinerna kickar in.👍

jul ez

Once a week. For me it's enough 🙂
Btw you're amazing 💕

Haley M

once a week

Jeremy Smith

Awesome job Beautiful girl 💪😘

Carolina Zúñiga Blanco

I train chest once a week

Alessia Leit

I train chest once a week

Lucie Římanová

Oh hey, coincidence – trained after a month long break from the gym chest today. I have a chestday as a part of my weekly gym schedule. Thank you so much for the extra tip. You're a darling!

Katie King

i train chest 2-3 times a week

Chantel Watson

I train chest once a week 💪

Reina DeCorazones

I don’t really focus on training chest anymore persay, but it is commonly activated as a secondary muscle group during my arm day! (Dips, rows, push-ups etc.) At first it made my boobs perkier and well rounded, but after a while I started to develop a “line” going vertically down my sternum which I didn’t like, so I stopped training them as much! Anyways awesome vid Hanna!! Looking great as always 💖

Olga TV

I didn't train chest for a very very long time because I thought that I don't need to… I WAS SOOOOOOOOOO WRONG hahahaha what was I thinking! Now I'm training chest once a week with triceps 🙂


I actually really love working out my chest and when I get sore there. I still have boobs. They are small but not small but enough where I can go bra-less.

Josefina Gordon

2 ggr veckan

Hey it's Priya

I work chest 1-2 times per week, along with some other muscle groups 😊

Hayley Sawyer

1 a week

Anna Wallin

I work out my chest 1-2 times per week, together with triceps ☺️

Liliane Mason

I use to love chest just because of the feel of the workout, but I just don’t like how you can see my chest bones and muscles more when I’m lifting chest regularly. So now I only train chest once every week and a half or so.

Sami Barroso

I didn’t train chest for a long time cause I already have little boobies and a wide back, so I was scared I would look like a boy! But I found your videos a while ago and you inspired me to start training chest and now I do it once a week and love it! 💕💪🏻

Marisa Corona

i train chest once a week! thanks for the video xo


Once a week 🙂 I only bench and incline bench x

Hannah Fox Moore

I've got implants that are placed under the muscle so it really freaks me out doing anything chest related, which i'm gutted about because I used to love training chest!!

Jennie Gustafsson

Tränar bröst ung. 1 gång i veckan 👏🏼😍

Kiya L.

I train chest maybe once a week

Prâtt Batten

Once a week.

Kon P

I train chest once a week or once in two weeks.. I love you keep being spectacular and motivational to all of us❤


I‘ve never really train chest but I think I need to…🤔 but I don‘t wanna lose my boobs 😄

Rojina Begum

I don't train chest 🙁 I don't know how to fit it in my workout split! monday wednesday and friday are leg days (for the booty yano) tuesdays are back, thursdays are bis and tris and saturday is shoulders. apart from bis and tris, i dont really like mixing muscle groups in one day, any tips? also dont train abs wow lool xx

Haley Mccaslin

Never because I'm scared my chest will look more masculine