3 WEIGHT LOSS Traps to Avoid (Plus a bonus trap)

You’ve decided to lose weight? Excellent!
The last thing you want to do is to spend your valuable time and money on something that isn’t actually helping you lose weight, right? A trap is something that holds you in one place, and wastes your energy, so…

These 3 tricky Weight Loss traps to avoid will waste your time, waste your money, and keep you from focusing on what it really takes to lose weight and keep it of, fixing your food! Sooo many people start out very motivated, and when their results are little to none, they get discouraged and quit. These traps are a big part of the reason that happens.

The last thing you want to do along your weight-loss journey is to spend time and money on busy-work that doesn’t produce results. This video explains the most common traps and what you should be focusing on instead…

Great, weight-loss book: http://amzn.to/2FwPPft
Great weight-loss book: http://amzn.to/2FwPPft

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Ken D Berry, MD, FAAFP, is a Board Certified Family Physician and Fellow in The American Academy of Family Physicians. He has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade, having seen over 20,000 patients in his career so far.

Consult your doctor. Don’t use this video as medical advice

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30 Comments on "3 WEIGHT LOSS Traps to Avoid (Plus a bonus trap)"

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But I was going to have a cheat meal of pizza this Saturday to celebrate 30 pounds of weight loss…./cry

Robert Hicks

Doc– You sir are DA MAN!!! Thanks

Annie L.

What’s your opinion on sweeteners such as erythritol?


Another Gold Nugget.

Keyata Warren

Music to my ears.

Aliya Tudor

You can’t out exercise a poor diet.

Absolutely agree 100%! Spent half my life in a gym but have always had a layer of fat. It’s not that any of these things are BAD for us – it’s quite the opposite, but they will not help us LOSE fat. I am convinced that it is better to put my effort into my diet. It is so frustrating to look at all of the false information I have consumed over the years – stuff that is still being preached by doctors and experts as gospel and all it does is make us all fatter. Looking forward to my… Read more »
Steven  Novak

Can you do a video on kids eating keto and their specific nutritional needs?

Josh Gibson

Did I miss the bonus ?

Shapie Nails
KenBerryMD I would like to know about another kind of Trap  … It may not be , but I think it seems unusual . For years I have had to be fasting to get my  (Blood work ) Cholesterol – lipid panel etc.. done . Now my Dr. is saying it is not necessary almost to the point of telling me to eat before hand .  That "they" have changed the rules & it isn't needed .. To me that smells like a trap – could eating cause these tests to come out higher ?  Last year I fasted before hand… Read more »
John James

Good straight talk

Wes R

Weight training should help you lose weight.The goal is really to lose fat not weight. That being said diet is the most important factor. Like the good Doc says all training and exercise won't make up for poor diet.


Drinking water helps suppress your appetite, this helps with weight loss.   C'mon Kenny.

babushka poponick

Hahaha. Youre kinda funny with the presentation

Robert Kingsbury

I watched the video and gave it a thumbs up, I deserve a donut.
Keep up the good work.


Don't spin your wheels with busy-work that makes you feel like you're making progress but is really just wasting your time…


Could you please do a video on the Keto rash? With info on how it manifests and how to mitigate the symptoms without cutting back on fat? Or anything else that we might need to know. A few weeks into Keto I started to get the rash on my upper back, back of the neck, and also on my scalp pretty bad. I backed off from the fat to get it to lessen. 🙂


Excellent! We can't exercise away a bad diet.


Dr. Berry you're AWESOME!!!!!

Michelle Reed

My cholesterol has went up in the last year, how is this diet going to affect this?

elsa contreras

I get it!! Love your input


I was at my annual physical last month and I told the Doctor I started the Keto diet a few months back. Sadly her reply was what I expected it to be. She said that it's not a sustainable diet, I'll gain the weight back, and the only way to keep weight off long term is to exercise regularly. Lol, she also gave me a pamphlet on how my diet should be. I was so annoyed.

Joshua Marks

I’m curious how exercise wouldn’t help with losing fat. If you do cardio it burns energy and therefore would tap into the fat stores more especially if you are keto and/or fasting. or if you are doing weight lifting it would add muscle which would increase base metabolic rate and use more energy, again from fat. I know diet is a huge (almost exclusive) part of losing fat, but I don’t understand saying that exercise doesn’t help. Maybe you can make a video explaining that in more detail because that really doesn’t make sense to me.

Philip Zanoni


Ken Dunn

Sorry,  But your exercise theory is absolutely bogus .  To say anything else is crazy. 

If anyone who is sustaining their weight just fine were to not change their diet at all, but double their exercise or activity they will absolutely start to lose weight. Activity takes fuel, and whether the fuel is food or your body fat it will be needed to sustain more activity, More activity requires more fuel period. The combo of eating correctly to lose weight obviously is huge.

Karen McKenzie

I love your honesty.

Bonnie Wood

This is my cholesterol levels that I just received via the mail from a blood draw last week!
Every thing came down even tho I’m eating eggs and cheeses and bacon ! Just had to share as I’ve only been on the program 1 month!

RareMe Funny

Yea that's why I love you..you keep it straight

Jack Riber

Nice and clear message. My personal experience totally agree.

Beauty And The Vape

Why I LOVE you and this channel.. NOT trying to sell anything…YES