6 Best Weight Loss Tips to Remember!

Best Cutting Tips to Remember! This goes along with our other video “Worst Cutting Tips to Avoid” which you can view here: https://youtu.be/GOJtna78eEk

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BIG, HUGE SPECIAL THANKS to these PATREON BUFF DUDES and GRRRLS who helped to make this video possible!!

Michael Weber
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Logan Vibbert
Neesh Shah
Chin Long Chan

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26 Comments on "6 Best Weight Loss Tips to Remember!"

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mpumelelo makhanya

I only use buff dude exercises lol

Samuel 5266

Those shirts can hardly contain their muscles


Seriously though, I cried my life out when that horse died. Damn you Nothing! Damn you!!!!

Christopher Rogers

love these vids!

Wayne Sanders

I lost my nuts when you said "Shit, I'm fat"

The Unusual Dispenser

I don’t want to lose my weight, I just want to make it all muscle

pankaj suryawanshi

Hello…..I am from india. I like ur 12 week workout program. Thank you for such great program. I will star this program from Monday.

rude kid

man these guys deserve so many more views. best fitness channel on YouTube hands down.


Easy for you to say. If I overconsume, I still feel so hungry I can't think or focus on ANYTHING. So I run to the store, grab a pint of ice cream, then I'm good to go to get stuff done. Of course this puts me 2400+ calories over my daily limit to lose weight. How do you clear your mind so you aren't 100% focused on consuming?

Jason Lant

I fuckin love the 80s references you guys always make. Makes me feel old tho haha

Frank Dux

These dudes are the best

Sir Joelsuf

I'd like to see a full length video on the forbidden zone all on its own. Seems like I've been there my whole life. I'll lose weight, but I'll lose strength right along with it. Then when I gain weight I get stronger.

I think I'm at a crossroads where I have two choices: Lose weight and have average to meh strength, or put on a whole bunch of weight and get really strong in the process.

Hoodi Eyes

Any tips for bulking up babies?

Buff Dudes

It's the weekend! So here's a video on watching your calories. πŸ˜„ We did this as a sequel to our other video which you can watch here: https://youtu.be/GOJtna78eEk – more cutting episodes coming soon, working on recipes and editing now. Stay Buff! -Hudson and Brandon πŸ’ͺ😬

k P

i hit shoulders today. just thought id let u all know

Thomas Miller

Somebody should make a retro style buff dudes game lol

Paul W L

Ketosis is the answer, look into it


The nostalgia is real!!! FALCOR!!!! Hey great tips guys goin through your course right now just amazing.

Pkgf Right

What is the name of the background music


I think someone needs to open a gym with no mirrors at all. Id like to see that happen.

Steven G

Haha, Love the comedy these guys put into their videos. #staybuffbrah

Rob Villa

Thats a great shirt man jajaja
I enjoy you guy's videos and hope gour chanel keeps growing. You guys deserve it πŸ‘

Spider Girl

This was so helpful.Thank you.i have basically been guessing what I'm going to do at the gym): I need a plan! Hudson hilarious with the glasses haha.


Any exercise you perform over 5 reps is considered cardio. You're welcome. Lmao!!! Love it

Sol I

It’s cool for a 17 year old to do this right?

Jose Villatoro

Love that outro!