Insane Cardio Workout Challenge – Hardest FB Workout Yet? Climbing the Mountain

Is this the hardest Fitness Blender workout yet?
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23 Comments on "Insane Cardio Workout Challenge – Hardest FB Workout Yet? Climbing the Mountain"

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Jennifer O'Mahony

Sorry but if Daniel struggles makes it through the 30-second section of one-leg burpees maybe it’s not ideal for one whole minute! Had to switch to traditional burpees but apart from that loved it and great achievement to even finish


slt costaud mais je l'ai finis excellent fitness blener

Yuvia Maldonado

Anyone else find themselves taking a 10 minute power nap on the floor after the very last interval?? hehe

Luciana Quevedo

Wow ! That's was crazy! I didn't do the push up jacks … just used the legs on in but did the whole thing …AMAZING , you made me do it it's so entertained. That's for all the posts Daniel ! I'm your fan!


I am watching this video right now, thinking should I try this work out? It burns 1000cal in one hour. I need a encouragement! 😂😂😂

Mega Brute

I loved your video, please post more


I did it, it was very intense but I focused the whole time and never stopped breathing .The only thing is that I was sweating buckets and the floor was so slippery that I had to pause the video a couple of times to clean the floor 😁 Thank you for all those routines, I have been doing them for 3 weeks now and my long distance running has become even better, I feel stronger and much more flexible than I was.

YenChantress 1
I completed this workout 15 minutes ago. 😨😱😁😄 Daniel, Daniel, Daniel! You did it again! You push me to places I did not know I could go. LOL. My burpees got very lethargic at the end but I went until my knees and quads were noodles. I had to modify my push-ups too. Weaker upper body! Other than that, I maxed everything else. I want to thank you and Kelli for helping so many. I am a 53 year old grandmother of 4. I want offer the best of me, on every level, to my Grand's, and you two are… Read more »
gauravi mishra

after 30 second round, one leg burpees replaced by regular burpees, pushup jacks replaced by knee pushups, high knee jog replaced by high knee marches.. am i even doing the same workout? still feels good. Thanks!

emsss ;-;

1hour…no thanks

Chelsy c

really👹✌ I am tiared after👏👏 this workout 😲😲😭😭😖😖

Wakeem A

THe bomb-diggity workout rightcheer!

Tara Easley

Curse word, curse word. And then another curse word. Followed by some more curse words. Then I'm filing attempted murder charges against Daniel!!! I'm pretty sure I saw the light!!!

Madiha Gilani

Whenever I search for a new FB workout and I see Daniel doing this , I am like : No thanks man I like to stick with Kelli .😂😂😂

zach schmidt

Oh geez, I was spent after this one. I loved it!

Kliment Ivanov Paskalev

one of the hardest i`ve done

Trippie. Trey

I’ll do this for New Years wish me luck 💪🏽💯


Finished 2017 off strong with this workout! A year in which I lost 40lbs, gained lots of muscles and learned to love working out. Thank you so much, Fitness Blender! Wishing you all the very best for 2018! ❤️


I think I drained half the Pacific Ocean rehydrating after this

Anna Meushaw

Help! I really want to complete this but for some reason getting up and down like in the mountain climbers and burpees I get dizzy and nauseous. What can I do to keep this from happening?

Mademoiselle Ruta

I don't know if I hate you or I love you.

Don Cuajinoy


ankit sharma

my happy place….when daniel say thats it