In this What I Ate video, I share what I’m eating for weight loss. Remember, this is not supposed to be an example of what YOU should eat, only an example of what I’m doing for my particular situation on one particular day. Please consult with a health professional (such as a registered dietician) when planning big changes to your diet.

That aside, this is working for me so far! I’m really excited to bring you more lower-fat, easy vegan recipes that fit into everyday life.

I’m not including calorie counts in these videos for a few different reasons. Mostly because I’m keenly aware of the young eyes viewing. The numbers I record are for my eyes only; a tool to keep me on track.


Brown rice + lentil congee recipe:

Brown Rice + Lentil Congee

Tofu Sticks:
1 12oz package extra firm tofu
nutritional yeast
curry powder
onion powder
garlic powder
black pepper
smoked paprika

Gai Lan (Chinese Broccoli):
600g gai lan
1 clove garlic
1 1/4″ slice ginger
vegetarian mushroom stir-fry sauce
Chinese black vinegar
Dark soy sauce

Seitan burger (sorry, no recipe yet):
vital wheat gluten
vegetable broth
nutritional yeast

Chocolate Mug Cake:

One Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

I used thick coconut milk instead of regular plant milk + oil and added a little cinnamon to the recipe.

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Molly Drummond

I'm trying to give up sugar for 30 days…I didn't last too long but I'm back on track now! Just trying to be a little healthier.

Teresa LeVasseur

Chocolate Covered Katie is great! I have her cookbook and my family loves the molasses cookies in there. Good luck on your calorie counting journey!

Abbi M

Wow that chocolate cake looked amazing! I’m in the same spot as you, after the holidays I’m carrying a few extra pounds and I need to lose them…but my willpower is so lacking! High protein breakfasts are definitely a must for me too


I have the opposite problem, haha. I had jaw surgery a few weeks ago, and due to being on a strict liquid diet at first, I lost over 10 pounds and became quite underweight. Been trying to get back to normal.

LOL me too on the couple inches taller thing. (I would throw out my packed school lunches because I was a picky eater.) For the chocolate cake/treat of the day, how do you feel about banana "soft serve?" I've tried it and it's actually satisfying. You can throw on the real chocolate chips and it's still a huge caloric saver because of the frozen banana being the only other ingredient. And how do you feel about a gf burger instead of the seitan ones? Think they might help in your goals as I personally find avoiding the wheat gluten to… Read more »
Elizabeth Shaw
Oh Mary! The amount of oil you use to cook in is minut and that's not what would put weight on you. I don't think you're carrying enough extra weight to eat depressingly! You sound awful and spices and Seasonings sauces and such to make food interesting and tasty is not going to make you heavier either! Maybe not so many test recipes of desserts. I for one don't make many desserts because it's difficult for me to do now. But I would love more Savory ideas especially for my midday meal because I only eat two meals a day… Read more »

That looks great but not for breakfast


You could just spray them cooking spray works good


Can you make that with oat flour?

nahshon cline

Thanks for the great info and also putting the link for the mug cake in the description. I can't wait to surprise my wife with one.


Omg now I need that cake 😵

Emilia S

Mmmm I love chinese broccoli – especially from my local Chinese restaurant – sauteed with lots of garlic and oil!! Can I buy it at the grocery store or do I have to go to an Asian market? I live in Ontario. PS: Love your channel! 🙂

kat zhang

I've had a bag of vital wheat gluten for a year now and I've still been too scared to make seitan 😂, welp


Clicked on the video because of that thumbnail 😍😍😍😍 chocolate ❤️

Nancy Plants

That mug cake, tho.

huebinh trinh

Please do more vegan, no-oil recipes. You are a great cook and it's great you start doing vegan no oil cooking.

Jean C

That chocolate cake looks so divine 😍😍😍✨


That mug cake makes me almost want to buy a microwave :3

Ima Purnomo
Hi, Mary! Other than that chocolate cake that look super yummy I’m not too inspired by the other food. However i wanna tell you that fat is not the enemy. You need fat to lose fat. Just make sure to eat the right kind of fat i.e monounsaturated fat in moderation and just walk 15-30min after each meal then you’ll start to feel better. Here’s my go to smoothie to help me lose some fat: 1 orange, 1-2 figs, 1 tbs flax seed, 1 tbs almond, a handful of green+water then blend. If you use hemp seed or protein powder,… Read more »

I love gai lan! I would probably eat it every day if I lived in a country where it's readily available. Here in Finland I can only get it in Asian stores, and besides it not being very cheap, I never know when they have it. It's 6:30 AM and I have to wait a few hours, but I'll definitely go and see if they have some today. I told you your WIAWs always make me want greens!


No oil….the struggle is real, but the health benefits are worth it! 👍🏼


I just eat whatever I want… On a plant-based diet… I’m evil… MUHAHAHAHA!!


same here, no will power at all :). But doing great anyway, will power is so 2017

vimal prakash Shukla

I'm happy that u r posting regularly 🙂

J Hancock
Could you do a cookbook review: How Not to Die: the Cookbook by Dr. Michael Greger. I think his ideas on healthy eating are pretty ideal. I have his cookbook and haven't really delve into much of his stuff, except made healthy alternatives to the staples we have (like replacing sugar with homemade date syrup, etc). Also, have you read his book: How Not To Die. I'm kind of obsessed with it. Maybe it'll be a good motivator for you. Good luck! I'm always happy to be in the Fat Vegan Family, however I too want to be a healthy… Read more »

What has helped me was to buy new plates and bowls that are smaller. I just had to admit that I don't need the same amount of food as my boyfriend and it still feels like a lot with the smaller bowls. But now I'm eating closer to 1/3 of whatever we cook and he can have more. Loved the video!

Susan Ponce

I so enjoy your sense of humor. You had me snortling throughout the video 😄


There's a great new study out that shows as long as you're eating whole, non processed foods, you'll lose weight..no calorie counting needed

Wynn Zetterberg

I love your food porn lol

I'm Someone

Hi! I'm Indian… 24 years old… All my childhood I wasn't allowed to be vegan and was raised as a lacto vegetarian … Now it's a bit tough for me.. I've already stopped using non vegan non food products like silk, leather and honey.. But I'm having a tough time leaving things like mozzarella and ice cream. And we don't get vegan alternatives to that. Moreover, what do you do about medicines?

Notorious J

Looks so delicious!

Allyson Gail

Ty !!!

Runs With Rabbits

I haven't had a microwave in years. Mug cakes are the only things that make me want one🤤🤤🤤

Evolution of Masha

I definitely "plan ahead" as well for my desserts hehe. If I am craving a dessert..I will have it….just alter my dinner a little.


i'm drooling!!!

The Viet Vegan

You sound so sad in this video 🙁 But everything looks so delicious even if you sacrificed some extra indulgences <3

Juliana Muñoz Toro

Please kimchi receipe!

Jasmine D

Patiently waiting on that burger recipe! Looks so good! And sigh…..I feel you on the eating on a deficit, I was just thinking to myself I gotta start eating better and not so much junk 🙈

Kayla Ellingson
I have been dieting off and on since I was way too young to be focusing so much on my weight at all. I follow another YouTuber, Lilykoi Hawaii, and she has an amazing weight loss series about the importance of whole, high carb plant foods to keep you full and healthy. I will never be the few sweets, oil free goddess that she is, but it did help me a lot with my deep rooted fear of carbs and constant calorie restriction. I hope your journey continues to be delicious and successful, and if you need further inspiration, I… Read more »

Omg those tofu sticks look so good tho! I feel you on the water sauté, I can live with it but am i living my best life? I’m so excited for that burger recipe when you are ready to bestow your wisdom 🙏


I’m also trying to loose my winter insulation but damn I just really like sugar…. and fat lol

Whole Life Project

Awesome Video!! My name is Ryan, I’m 16, and I️ just started a YouTube channel about veganism, environmentalism, and loving others. I’d love if someone could go check it out🍌🌱💓


Girl, you sound so deflated! You can do it!

Madalina Zbranca

Yummy! I love your foods, and even if they are more weight loss oriented, they look awesome!


You can do it! I lost 20 kg (40something pounds) in 3 month! Just stick with it, it will pay off!!